Plotting the Breakout Bestseller

The Advanced Plotting Technique Behind Rebecca Hamilton's Instant New York Times Bestselling Novel

In this complete course on plotting, you will learn how to plot novels that will get you more reviews, grow and maintain your audience, and help you sell more titles from your author catalog! This course includes advice that will help you whether you are writing a series, a collection of standalones, or one-off stories that aren't connected.

Learn how to pair plot development with marketing synergistically to create stories that are easy to sell and easy to love! The plotting techniques from this course are the same ones Rebecca Hamilton used to plot her instant New York Times bestselling novel, Shadow Born, white debuted at #6 on the New York Times bestseller list in September 2016!

Included in this course are 38 lessons covering the follow topics:

  • Book Beginnings
  • First Turning Point
  • The Character's Journey
  • Rising Action
  • Second Turning Point
  • Climax
  • Book Endings
  • Downloadable Basic Plot Worksheet
  • Developing a Romantic Subplot
  • Developing Your Plot Sets
  • Plotting Acton in Every Genre
  • Plotting Unputdownable Books
  • Setting Up Your Next Series
  • Writing to Structure withOUT Plot
  • Advanced Plot Worksheet

This course material is included in the Publishing Mastermind Course. If you are a student in that course, you do not need this one.

Your Instructor

Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author who moved her writing career to the slow lane to focus on her family and on helping other authors build their careers. Over the last four years, she has helped hundreds of authors move from part time hobby writing to full time career writing. Many of her "graduates" have moved on to make $5k-40k+ a month writing books, and 20% Amazon's bestselling authors are Rebecca's past or current clients. Her 2018 one-on-one coaching clients have experienced 100% success rates with her 14 Step Method, though she also offers smaller courses for authors who just want to dip their toes into the publishing pool first, before diving in.

Class Curriculum

  Plotting Your Beginning
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  Basic Plot Worksheet
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  Unputdownable Books
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  Setting Up Your Next Book
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  Advanced Plot Technique
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